August 27, 2011

The Last One

Yea been leaving this blog desserted for some time.

And yes, this will be the last post for this blog.

After all the things that happened around, its time to make some changes, again.

Something has to be done.

And this is just the beginning.

August 04, 2011

Empty Week

I miss Bali wtf.

Damn it.

July 23, 2011

Bali The Trip

One of the most adventurous trip.

The first night we nearly got conned by paying R400,000 for taxi to Canggu, tats rm144. And the taxi counter charged only R135,000. Very well to our first impression of Bali.

The hostel we booked, Echoland Bed and Breakfast in Canggu. Our best stay in Bali. Friendly boss and staffs. Down there is the view from the top floor in the morning.
And the beach nearby.
But Canggu have serious problem for us, food and activities. We aint pro surfer and we dont wanna die young so fuck it. Night time was really quiet, the only thing left was Bintang and Bintang and tats it.

After some discussion, we bounced to Legian and stayed at the stupid Tune Hotel. Fuck up hotel.

So the whole afternoon by the beach. Was quite fun btw, bikinis everywhere, good for us.

There's the Legian sunset.
Next day in Kuta with 2 days of surfing.

Surfing, fuckin fun. Tho fuck the sea water drinking and bruises all over my legs. But for the few seconds of standing up on the surf board with good wave and in the end were usually crashed back to the wave and the board flew high up. But seriously syok max.

And another sunset from Kuta.
Then night at Hard Rock Cafe with live band, the Siluet.

They are fuckin good.
Next day was some sightseeings.

Paddy fields.
Tanah Lot.
And the partner in crime, Siang.
More photos in FB.

Well, we learnt some lessons from the trip.

We had bad experience over the money changing in Kuta, the unauthorized money changers.

One with the most advanced calculator i ever seen in my life. 120x2900=291,000, fuck tat and fuck off.

Another with magic hands and few notes went missing in the end, magic shit, then suddenly came out with dont know wtf 10% commission deducted. Things went fucked up and i wasnt free to fuck around with tat ass so fuck tat shit.

Moral of the story, get more cash there and save some trouble for yourself.

And also, fuck Kuta.

Wats in Kuta? Clubs bars pubs, whites, bikes, cars, traffic jam, locals, mushrooms. Food, not really. Local asses, too many. Other than surfing and beach everything else is fucked up. Btw mushrooms aint my shit, but Bintang is, and i had countless of it.

Did i say we stayed at 4 different places for 5 nights?

And so tats all for the Bali.

Im looking forward to the next one, Langkawi!

July 16, 2011


There goes my Bali trip.

Enjoyed it?

Well this trip is kind of Westerners travelers style so somehow i just dont know how to describe the trip.

But now im fuckin lazy to post the whole thing tonight.

I'll let the photo do the work.

July 08, 2011


Im the joker.

Yea i had great time with my friends and family on my birthday.

I cant ask for more.

So thank you very much, you guys rock my birthday.

Btw i'll be off to bali on Sunday.

Party mode ON.

And till then, cheerio.

June 25, 2011


I'm so going to do my thing.

Cant stand the way i stay at one spot and do nothing.

I'm moving forward.

That's me.