May 25, 2010

Credits to my sis=)

May 24, 2010

tak tau apa

Saw this thing on my table when i got home.
And it joined together with my keys the next second without hesitation=)

May 23, 2010

half day off

Lunch with Sophia=)

Here's a little bodoh story i created. hahaha.

hmm. lets try this and that.
Too much..
gosh, macam mana?
see, i told ya.
luckily saya boleh makan. hahahaha.

wtf memang bodoh. XD

this is wat happened when you study from 2 to 2 everyday for weeks.

blur like sotong wtf.

May 07, 2010


Finally i had a half chilling day with Sophia today. My goodness, i have been studying like pure nerd for weeks. One month down to exam, and revision classes on every weekends till June. Stress shit, seriously. It's been long that i have not taken 3 papers in a semester, having difficulty in breathing wtf.

Anyways, here's the coffee we tried this afternoon.
Blue mountain and charcoal roast.

some cakes.

and a 'yea' from Sophia.

thanks Sophia. hehehe.

May 02, 2010


Now I understand why Lip never update his blog for such a long while.
Seriously, memang malas la.