June 25, 2011


I'm so going to do my thing.

Cant stand the way i stay at one spot and do nothing.

I'm moving forward.

That's me.

June 22, 2011


Alright, my Singapore trip.

Me and my bro Lip we nailed it man.

It was a so called drinking trip.

Namely Clarke Quay, Butter Factory and Beer Fest were the places we went to.

And of course some must go like Orchard and Sentosa, but nothing special tats it.

We did the calculation, i guess i tried like more than 15 types of beers in total for the whole trip?

On average of 4 types in a day?

Not a strong record but we had fun.

Wat can i ask for more.

Thanks to Lip, i got to know some great people around, which means more fun added to the trip.

So perhaps i shall conclude that Singapore is a nice place.

Well it really is, tats why i enjoyed it.

For now, i really have to do something productive, from tomorrow onwards.

I have been sampahing around from the day i finished my papers but not anymore.

Gonna do the fuckin right thing.

Sorry for all the poor quality photos.

I dont own a SLR, wat to do.

June 20, 2011

Back To Business

Alright, im back to business.

Well i guess i should have done some post bout my Singapore trip but not now.

Just gonna say like, i rock it all for the days after my exams.

Tho there were something did fuck up my mind but other than tat everything was fine.

I'll update some stuff bout the trip in the next post and check out my fb for the pics i took.

Btw, life is fuckin good after the papers.

And till then, cheerio.

June 13, 2011


This is it.

Im done with exams.

Party time.

I cant wait for my fuckin pints later.

Been craving for weeks.

Such a bravo record seriously wtf.

Ohh i recalled some boys and girls in college asked me to dedicate a post for them.

Here u go stalkers.

Yes stalkers.

Gosh i cant believe these people actually fuckin stalk my blog wtf.

Whatever enjoy reading my shit. There will be more shits coming on so thanks for your fuckin support hahahahaha.

And of course good luck for those who have not finished the papers yet and for those who finished everything pray hard for the results and for those who graduating i'll see u guys in graduation and all the best for job searching LOL.

Btw im just going to do shit till the results day.

And till then, cheerio.

June 08, 2011


Just wanna share out one of my guy's blog.

An all time nice and bright guy in town.

So now i gonna hammer hard on my papers this week.

Another week and im done.

Best of luck to the boys and girls!

June 02, 2011


I know i should not be blogging at this point of time.

Exam sucks, again.

Yea exactly like wat my sis said just now, the only time she sees me everyday is always after 12am.

But that will only apply for the next 2 weeks and done.

Im so going to pass everything this time round and say adios to bloody ACCA.

Ohh, my dearest Sophia is leaving to Sheffield tomorrow.

So i just wanna wish her all the best and have a safe journey plus enjoy everything there.

Please do take care always my sweetie.

And of course i will always miss you, tats for sure =)

So im left with exactly one week from my first paper.

Wish me luck and till then, cheerio.