December 31, 2010


Another 6 hours to 2011.

What have i done for the past one year.

Seems like no achievement at all.


Fuck me.

December 21, 2010

Last day of 2010 in Malaysia

Yeaa. Im flying to HK for xmas and new year. Will bounce around HK this time for sure.

Plans? Not really. But we shall see, and im damn looking forward to it.
Praying for my uniqlo heattech to work, or else i'll be DOA, dead on arrival.

Btw, i really had so much fun from the day i finished my papers till now.
Thanks guys. I will see u guys next year.

And yeaa, tonight was the most unbelievable one=)

Good night.

December 19, 2010


What a day.

A non stop activities from morning till night.

Rock climbing in morning. Fun. but my leg was so painful until i couldnt take it anymore. Damn.

Sid's Kenny's Hill in afternoon. An awesome event. Wonderful weather and drinking under some tree during day time was unbelievable.

Night at Leisure Mall Starbucks. Played few songs to some kids and some jingle bells stuff. Was fun, my first so called 'on stage' experience. In fact i was standing behind the kids and they were singing so much louder than two guitars hahahaha. It was really fun btw.

Right now, im exhausted. Adios.

December 16, 2010

Last night

I had my revenge.

Damn last night was the night i have been waiting for months. It was utter fun seriously.

For the first time, looking those drunk college mates was fuckin fun and funny indeed ahahahahaha. And taking stupid nasi lemak with loads of sambal after drinking was a bad idea. Fucking bad idea.

I still remember, when i was writing the last question of P3, man the fuckin word 'Guiness' popped out from my head. Fuckin distraction wtf. If any of u guys wanna ask me how was the exam, i have my answer for u.

'I dont know, we shall see in Feb'.

Now, im cracking my head for plans in HK. I guess i really have to sit down and make some plans out of it. Im gonna make this as my best trip ever in my life. Since im going there for such a long while. Oh yeaa=)

So i think thats it for now. Till then, cheerio.

December 15, 2010


Yea, it's all over.

Which means, it's party time.

And i'll make sure i gonna make something unforgettable tonight.

Stay tune.

December 12, 2010


Photos are meant to be kept and look back when you realized that there are something went missing in your daily routine.

To me especially.

December 11, 2010


I never expect tats gonna happened in today's paper.
wtf CSF wtf VBM wtf Altman.
Wat kind of crap is tat.

Nvm just fuck it.

2 more to go.

December 09, 2010

cbox restored

I just dont know why i put tat shit back to my blog.

Anyways readers, feel free to crap in my cbox.

And of course, nonsensical shit will be deleted, for sure.

Till then, cheerio.

December 06, 2010

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity - Albert Einstein

Gosh im lovin' my new fuckin template wtf hahahahahaha XD

December 05, 2010

Fuckin stacko

Im not going to play tat damn bloody fuckin stacko anymore wtf. NEVER!

December 04, 2010

Tommy Emmanuel

I regretted so much that i forgot to bring my camera. Damn it.
It was a very inspiring concert. Yea i would say it was the best ever concert that i ever been to. Each and every of his song was full with passion and emotions. He delivered all these through his music. Ruby's Eyes and The Trail, man i was so falling into the song. Some imaginations went bit overly creative while watching him playing. it was unbelievable.

The song I Still Cant Say Goodbye to his dad and Angelina for his daughter, seriously i just nearly dropped my tears wtf. I love the song Angelina so much. So much that im still listening to it with my iPod. Btw i think i got way too excited when he was playing Angelina. Damn it i just couldnt express the feeling. Utterly utterly unbelievable.

Thanks Tommy. You really made my day. Throughout the 2 and half hours i forgot all the shit that i have been through. And i will not give up to my dreams. Like you said, Haba Na Haba, little by little, your sweet dreams come true.

ps: My exams are a week away from now. And i dont even know whether im ready or not. It's fuck up. Some one up there, if i see this, please gimme some blessings and blasting. I will definitely feel grateful bout it. Thanks=)

December 03, 2010

Found something on my table tat i tot was never important at all.