August 27, 2011

The Last One

Yea been leaving this blog desserted for some time.

And yes, this will be the last post for this blog.

After all the things that happened around, its time to make some changes, again.

Something has to be done.

And this is just the beginning.

August 04, 2011

Empty Week

I miss Bali wtf.

Damn it.

July 23, 2011

Bali The Trip

One of the most adventurous trip.

The first night we nearly got conned by paying R400,000 for taxi to Canggu, tats rm144. And the taxi counter charged only R135,000. Very well to our first impression of Bali.

The hostel we booked, Echoland Bed and Breakfast in Canggu. Our best stay in Bali. Friendly boss and staffs. Down there is the view from the top floor in the morning.
And the beach nearby.
But Canggu have serious problem for us, food and activities. We aint pro surfer and we dont wanna die young so fuck it. Night time was really quiet, the only thing left was Bintang and Bintang and tats it.

After some discussion, we bounced to Legian and stayed at the stupid Tune Hotel. Fuck up hotel.

So the whole afternoon by the beach. Was quite fun btw, bikinis everywhere, good for us.

There's the Legian sunset.
Next day in Kuta with 2 days of surfing.

Surfing, fuckin fun. Tho fuck the sea water drinking and bruises all over my legs. But for the few seconds of standing up on the surf board with good wave and in the end were usually crashed back to the wave and the board flew high up. But seriously syok max.

And another sunset from Kuta.
Then night at Hard Rock Cafe with live band, the Siluet.

They are fuckin good.
Next day was some sightseeings.

Paddy fields.
Tanah Lot.
And the partner in crime, Siang.
More photos in FB.

Well, we learnt some lessons from the trip.

We had bad experience over the money changing in Kuta, the unauthorized money changers.

One with the most advanced calculator i ever seen in my life. 120x2900=291,000, fuck tat and fuck off.

Another with magic hands and few notes went missing in the end, magic shit, then suddenly came out with dont know wtf 10% commission deducted. Things went fucked up and i wasnt free to fuck around with tat ass so fuck tat shit.

Moral of the story, get more cash there and save some trouble for yourself.

And also, fuck Kuta.

Wats in Kuta? Clubs bars pubs, whites, bikes, cars, traffic jam, locals, mushrooms. Food, not really. Local asses, too many. Other than surfing and beach everything else is fucked up. Btw mushrooms aint my shit, but Bintang is, and i had countless of it.

Did i say we stayed at 4 different places for 5 nights?

And so tats all for the Bali.

Im looking forward to the next one, Langkawi!

July 16, 2011


There goes my Bali trip.

Enjoyed it?

Well this trip is kind of Westerners travelers style so somehow i just dont know how to describe the trip.

But now im fuckin lazy to post the whole thing tonight.

I'll let the photo do the work.

July 08, 2011


Im the joker.

Yea i had great time with my friends and family on my birthday.

I cant ask for more.

So thank you very much, you guys rock my birthday.

Btw i'll be off to bali on Sunday.

Party mode ON.

And till then, cheerio.

June 25, 2011


I'm so going to do my thing.

Cant stand the way i stay at one spot and do nothing.

I'm moving forward.

That's me.

June 22, 2011


Alright, my Singapore trip.

Me and my bro Lip we nailed it man.

It was a so called drinking trip.

Namely Clarke Quay, Butter Factory and Beer Fest were the places we went to.

And of course some must go like Orchard and Sentosa, but nothing special tats it.

We did the calculation, i guess i tried like more than 15 types of beers in total for the whole trip?

On average of 4 types in a day?

Not a strong record but we had fun.

Wat can i ask for more.

Thanks to Lip, i got to know some great people around, which means more fun added to the trip.

So perhaps i shall conclude that Singapore is a nice place.

Well it really is, tats why i enjoyed it.

For now, i really have to do something productive, from tomorrow onwards.

I have been sampahing around from the day i finished my papers but not anymore.

Gonna do the fuckin right thing.

Sorry for all the poor quality photos.

I dont own a SLR, wat to do.

June 20, 2011

Back To Business

Alright, im back to business.

Well i guess i should have done some post bout my Singapore trip but not now.

Just gonna say like, i rock it all for the days after my exams.

Tho there were something did fuck up my mind but other than tat everything was fine.

I'll update some stuff bout the trip in the next post and check out my fb for the pics i took.

Btw, life is fuckin good after the papers.

And till then, cheerio.

June 13, 2011


This is it.

Im done with exams.

Party time.

I cant wait for my fuckin pints later.

Been craving for weeks.

Such a bravo record seriously wtf.

Ohh i recalled some boys and girls in college asked me to dedicate a post for them.

Here u go stalkers.

Yes stalkers.

Gosh i cant believe these people actually fuckin stalk my blog wtf.

Whatever enjoy reading my shit. There will be more shits coming on so thanks for your fuckin support hahahahaha.

And of course good luck for those who have not finished the papers yet and for those who finished everything pray hard for the results and for those who graduating i'll see u guys in graduation and all the best for job searching LOL.

Btw im just going to do shit till the results day.

And till then, cheerio.

June 08, 2011


Just wanna share out one of my guy's blog.

An all time nice and bright guy in town.

So now i gonna hammer hard on my papers this week.

Another week and im done.

Best of luck to the boys and girls!

June 02, 2011


I know i should not be blogging at this point of time.

Exam sucks, again.

Yea exactly like wat my sis said just now, the only time she sees me everyday is always after 12am.

But that will only apply for the next 2 weeks and done.

Im so going to pass everything this time round and say adios to bloody ACCA.

Ohh, my dearest Sophia is leaving to Sheffield tomorrow.

So i just wanna wish her all the best and have a safe journey plus enjoy everything there.

Please do take care always my sweetie.

And of course i will always miss you, tats for sure =)

So im left with exactly one week from my first paper.

Wish me luck and till then, cheerio.

May 15, 2011


Not good.

This could be the worst timing of getting sick.

Flu cough fever perfect combi at all time.

And there are still classes going on for the next few days.

Im so tired of having non stop classes for 2 weeks plus.

Absolutely tiring and im definitely worried bout it, not sure tat i have enough time for my own revision.

Exams are just around the corner.

Pretty sure tat im not going to post any shit for the next couple of weeks.

Wish me luck folks. Cheers.

May 08, 2011


Exam in exactly one month to go.

Just done with the P1 revision class yesterday.

Quite a torture one.

And so, today is a rest day, aka slacking day.

But there is a P4 test tomorrow.

Ahh fuck me.

May 03, 2011


There goes the long weekend.

Not bad.

Was at Tanarimba for the last couple of days.

Had great time with family and the boys and girls chilling for the whole weekend together.

Yea, it was a chilling weekend.

Tho most of the time everyone was like holding their iPhones and the rest of it were cards related activities aka gambling wtf. I mean the kids, including me.

And indeed, card games are the best to 'break the ice'.

What else?

Swimming pool, staring at greens, walking around, raining, stars, breakfast lunch dinner, durian, coffee and tea, snacks and junk foods, McD online, Street fighter and Worms, insects ants moths rats, and bit of beers wtf.

I guess tats it.

Ohh and we met the most wtf bro and sis tat conned all of us so many wtf times till we got really dono wtf were real or fake.

But was fun, filled the house with laughters.

So i think tats all for the good times.

Gonna hammer hard on my studies from now onwards.

Progression was just okay for last few weeks, means life is getting tougher and tougher.

Stress shit.

Thanks god i can feel tat shit right now.

So tomorrow will be the start of my non stop revision classes for 2 weeks consecutively, i can barely breath seriously. Wish me luck folks.

And till then, cheerio.

April 29, 2011


I'm getting sick of taking rails these days.

Good god, i'll be taking the stupid LRT for the whole fuckin next week.

Btw tats the rail from HK.

April 27, 2011

Stairway To Heaven

It's a song that reminds me of things happened in the past.

It's a song that i used to listen every day and night.

It's a song that i once forgot and now back to my playlist.

It's a song of hope.

And it's also one of the songs that inspired me of picking up my guitar.

April 26, 2011

The days

And so, my days are getting 'interesting' right now.

Thank goodness no more gloomy shit post anymore.

It's sort of a tiny change.

At least i sleep earlier woke up earlier and i wtf study virtually everyday.

Sounds good. Could be better i perhaps?

Btw i like the photo up there. Credits to my sis. It was taken from Krabi.

Ohh. I'm gonna attend my convo, MY CONVO wtf. hahahahahaha.

The best part of it, it's freeeeeeeeeee hahahaha wtf.

But, not so soon.

In August.

Last weekend was not bad.

Kind of a blast with a lil black spot on it, but was okay so yea.

Well i really dont know how to end tis post.

So, till then, cheerio.

April 20, 2011


This is the no. 100th post of my blog.

Yeaa great timing to crap some shit this time, awesome.

Alright, speaking of love. Yea i came across of so much bout this topic recently and these are my opinion that i wanna share about.

Perhaps i would say including me tho i have been single for year plus. But all the followings are purely my 2 cents. No offence to anyone i swear.

Okay, where should i start.

Ohh. A call from someone.

So one night i received a call from this someone and for obvious reasons she got some shit happened to her bout these kind of stuffs. Yea it was a her and u know, girls stuff.

Tat night i didnt want to say too much of shit bout it but u see, like wat i mentioned in the last post, shit happens all the time.

There is one question.

What is the definition of love?

I guess most of the people would say there is no explanation bout love.

Thanks to the bloody fuckin stupid misleading media posted some articles shit tat cause so many people lost themselves and some even fuckin ended their precious life just like tat.

To me, those are shit. The purest shit ever.

Here's my opinion about love.

I love my family. I love my friends. I love my studies. I love musics. I love my life. I love myself and i love everything in my life.

There are uncountable types of love exist in this world.

Of course boygirlfriends husband wife are one of them.

But here's the thing.

Some people got misunderstood the meaning of love and eventually they got themselves into fuckin miserable life they could ever imagine.

What is love?

Okay im giving my own opinion about the love between relationships.

Love is in other word, respect.

There is one survey in Facebook. Fuck Facebook. This survey is about what's the most important thing between relationship. And guess wats the most common answer we got from there, trust.

The word trust is so fragile. It's exactly like wat we study bout reputation in business. A business builds its reputation over years and one single event of shit could destroy everything of the company.

So to say, if u dont respect ur partner, how the hell are u going to trust him or her?

To me, respect is the only key to maintain a relationship. And respect is the roots of the word trust.

There is another thing. Love will never ever makes u fucked up.

If to say u love someone and tat someone fucked u up and caused the only thing u could see with ur eyes is shit. I can assure u, that is not love. At all. It nothing but shit.

Tats life.

I wouldn't say i had many experience about all these, well i really dont.

It's just my opinion.

Some say thats just because im single and tats why i cant see the things they see.


Still im happy enough to survive and i feel grateful of everything in my life right now.

I got my studies to catch up and i'll make sure nothing can stop me from tat.

Same goes to my goals.

Just wanna be a man, and do the fuckin right thing.

Damn how bout the ladies?

April 17, 2011

Old Days

Back to old days. Yea the study old days.

So far so good.

Ohh I just saw couple of video clips about the situation in Libya.

It's shit.

Some guys carried death bodies with a truck and paraded around town.

Some guys got shot and the head went exploded with some juices all over the place.

Some guys sent a man with a rocket stuck in his leg to hospital.

Some guys were shooting each other and ended up by receiving a RPG and boom.

Where is the love?

April 09, 2011


Some decision has to be made.

I have made mine.

April 07, 2011


Okay lets be frank. We all did shit before. All of us did. And usually it happened without knowing that some shit could cause you serious trouble which eventually either cost money or losing someone you love, friends families boy girl friend.

Of course, I did shit before. Years ago, serious deep shit. One silly action of mine gave me an experience of employing my first ever lawyer to settle up shit. In other words everything was settled by money. But the real deal was that from there i understand one wrong move could cause an enormous trouble to my family and hurt people around me.

That shit did not worth a single penny.

And I learnt my lesson.

There was one question i came across during my class today. About the AAA model, dont know wat American wat wat, kind of an evaluation of actions whether or not it should be undertaken. 7 questions in total that u should ask yourself before u take an action. Im damn lazy to name all the questions but MAN, i was talking to myself like if the whole fuckin world ask the 7 questions every time they decide to do something. Seriously thats what we called world peace. But too bad the world could be too lazy like me to answer 7 stupid questions. Lets war then, like wats happening around right now.

Sometimes we made silly or idiotic or some fuckin painful mistakes. Pretty normal as this actually reveal that u are still a human. Even Steve Jobs made his dumbest decision of hiring the wrong person and got kicked out from Apple and now everyone thinks that he is some god like dude chilling around Silicon Valley. Should i say this is something like people learn from mistakes?

If i didnt, i could probably be dead by now.

Some say if u wan to be successful and wealthy, u must at least bankrupt once.

Bit of a hardcore way. Hopefully thats not going to happen to me.

Learn from mistakes, make rational decisions. Life could be better, isnt it?

April 06, 2011

Good Day?

I thought it was.

Okay, no shit.

I was thinking why did i post up so many utter randomness photos in all my post. For fun sake. Not so fun also.

So, today. It's all mixed up i would say.

Got hair cut and collected my new spec.

Some how toward the evening some shit happened just like tat.

Stunted me for the rest of the day till now.

And i couldnt find even one kaki to drink with tonight. Seems like everyone is busy on tues night wtf.

Ahh fuck it.

Most of the people do not believe shit happens, but seriously shit happens all the time.

Two ways, you either get stuck with that shit or you fuck that shit.

I prefer the latter one.

April 01, 2011

March Done

Basically, March was not bad.

At least a degree honours has done some magic for the last couple of days.

Yes i finally passed the project thesis. Imma fuckin happy boy indeed. After so many days of torture with uncountable rejections of payment last month. And of course, the effort and time spent that cost me of failing 2 papers last round.

Ohh yea im super powerful now.

Maybe powderful.

Yaya should be.

Btw, this is not an April Fool post. Real shit stuff.

Again, im sick of the cbox.

It's removed.

Last thing, someone did piss me off today.

Here is wat im going to say.

Fuck off and go get a fuckin life.

March 30, 2011


I can read this email over and over again. XD

March 26, 2011

Last Kiss

I think i did post this photo up before. Nvm fuck it.

Still the same.

So, March is almost coming to an end, couple of days to go.

In other words, exam coming in 2 months time.

Any preparations? Not really.

But soon. The mind fuckin feeling is coming back, gradually. And some of my guys have started their studies. So do i.

No more misbehaving. Not anymore.

And I do remember things happened last month. Everything.

Especially the days that i tot everything was a dream.

March 23, 2011

Back Then

Poor quality photo from iPod.

The after rain. Yea.

Was peeking at some of my post just now. Yes, I cant write like others.

And the posts are getting shorter and shorter.

Which makes no difference to this one too.

Good night =)

March 20, 2011


Seriously i have no idea wat to blog about these days. So called the boredom to death life.

Classes, up late, sleep late. And some mind boggling stuff bouncing around my head.

Not good.

Ohh bout the OBU thing. Shit happened and now im so not looking forward to the result. Even if i pass the thesis but my grades won't go anywhere but fuckin 2nd lower, pathetic. Just another embarrassing paper to submit for interviews.

Classes are jammed with my usual studying time. Yea i told myself i gonna start studying soon. Next week i perhaps? Or the week after?

And till then, cheerio.

March 13, 2011


It's been not much of hype happening these days.

Classes suck.

I'm back to the 'classes everyday' life. 2 year. 2 years of easy life and now im back.

Mon to Thurs from 6 to 9, reached home by 10.

Still, could be worst.

And some weekends too.

To some extend, night classes drive me fuckin crazy. I hate it.
Screw up my plans and stuff, and the 3 hours time difference wtf.

Fuck that shit. I gonna make sure i'll pass everything this round.

But i have been telling myself bout this for like thousand million times.

Fuck me. Again.

February 25, 2011


Yes my result sucks to max.

But yet im still taking it easy, perhaps im kinda numb with all these shits happening again again and again. This is the fuckin forth time of passing one paper in a sem. You are right, i had only passed 4 fuckin papers for the last 2 years. It's fucked up but wat can i do. Imma soldier and im not fuckin giving up. Just gonna work harder and get rid with these shits.

My classes start from this Sat onwards. There goes my 2 months holiday. One of the longest holiday i ever had in this fuckin ACCA life. Now i have to keep reminding myself of the classes and stay focus. Fuck me.

I guess i shall start studying earlier this time.


February 21, 2011


By right, i should have done some blogging previously.
But just some kind lil stuff made me decided not to.
Luckily i didnt.

So tomorrow is gonna be my result day. Nono, today to be precise.
I guess the email will reach to my inbox in few hours time.

Bloody hell im fuckin nervous, im not kidding.

Alright, im praying for the best.
Wish me luck folks.

January 16, 2011

Days after HK

I fuck up badly. Real bad.

Here are my daily routine after HK.

Woke up at 2pm, usually later than tat. Lunch and stoned in front of my mac. Do shit until dinner. Went out wasting time or hang out with frens. Slept fuckin late, as in later than 4am. Anything else? I guess thats it tho.

Yea i did touch my guitar. Maybe couple of hours in a week?

Wat the hell am i doing?

Some people may ask like. Hey fucker, wat the fuck is ur new year's resolution?

I dont know.

My level of motivation towards studies is weakening sem by sem. I made plannings before my sem started every time, but not now. Well, i literally kena few times already. Having no expectation would be the best option i can choose. Perhaps i'll just pray bit for better results during CNY. Nothing more than tat i guess.

Ohh. im so fuckin looking forward to CNY. Of course, angpau food and stuff. But one thing for sure, after so many year, my cousin Ker Huey and my bro are coming back for CNY gathering. Their absences for the past years were like something just not right. This time is gonna be a fuckin big one hahahaha.

Last one, browsing through those photos in HK makes me kinda like wtfwtfwtf. I do miss those great time all of us had tat time. AHH. Hopefully the next time i bounce there is to get a job there and make some money for myself. I know some of u might say something otherwise, but tats wat i wan and it's part of my plan. Gonna work my ass out for the resume and stuff.

That guy up there, tats my bro btw.

January 07, 2011


Home sweet home.

The first thing i realized when i got out from the plane, the fuckin hot Msia weather, reminds me of, IM BACK! Oh dear.

That's an end of my 17 days HK trip, my best ever trip.

A trip that i,
understand load of thing about HK,
been to lots of places,
great views,
tonnes of eatings,
meet great people around the world,
and of course, shopping. HahahahahahaXD

Yea. It was absolutely unbelievable.
Tho there were some black spots throughout the trip, but what can i ask for more?

And perhaps, i would like to apologize and thank some guys that spent most of my time with me for the days in HK.

Kai Lee and Chee Han, im sorry if i said something stupid that for the days staying with u guys. Yea i was really stupid. But im grateful to have u guys to complete the wonderful trip. Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Su Ann, of course im damn fuckin happy to see u there. Tho we didnt mee for the last couple of days. And luckily u are still very Su Ann hahahahahahaha. I dono how to describe it, u know wat mean right=)

And most importantly, my brother. Need not to say much bout this. My vocab is too limited to explain everything. But thanks Xian. Anyways i'll see u soon so, hahahahahahaha.

I guess tats all i can say for now. Im back and, omg my BED! And ohh, my GUITAR hahahahahahahaha.

Good night.

January 02, 2011

FIrst day of the year

Today was absolutely speechless.

Woke up at 4. Online bath brush up snacks dinner KFC and ended the day with Counter Strike wtf. Yea i wasted the whole first day of 2011 in my bro's room. In fact i didnt even take the lift after i woke up till now. Unbelievable.

Last night was pretty cool. Out from hostel at 6.30pm and had claypot lamb for dinner. Cold weather with boiling hot soup and some Asahi. YEA. Then we bounced to Tsim Sha Tsui and waited 2 hours for the fuckin boring bland dull new year fireworks. Next was roaming around the clubs and pubs in TST. Some look exactly like those 'gu wak zai' club that we saw in movies. Everyone was in black and those chicks dressed like some kind of rap guys' girlfriend hahahhaha. I don reli know how to describe it but more or less it's the same ahahaha.

Next was at the party street LKF hahahahahahaaa. From the beginning of the street till the end, countless drunk asses walking and drinking like no tomorrow hahahahaha. The funniest part of the night was, 2 drunk foreign chicks spotted in Mcd's male toilet, and i was peeing tat time wtf hahahahaha. Me and my bro went literally LOL in the toilet hahahahaa. It's real fun looking at so many drunk asses on the street in a night. Non stop laughter seriously.

Then the rest was some congee at Mongkok and lastly bounced back to hostel. It was around 7 btw. The photo up there, the view from room's window in the morning.

Well i guess our initial plan for hiking tomorrow is screwed by the stupid fuckin addictive CS and Half Life wtf. We shall see and till then, cheerio.

OHH btw, happy new year! Best wishes to u guys=)