May 03, 2011


There goes the long weekend.

Not bad.

Was at Tanarimba for the last couple of days.

Had great time with family and the boys and girls chilling for the whole weekend together.

Yea, it was a chilling weekend.

Tho most of the time everyone was like holding their iPhones and the rest of it were cards related activities aka gambling wtf. I mean the kids, including me.

And indeed, card games are the best to 'break the ice'.

What else?

Swimming pool, staring at greens, walking around, raining, stars, breakfast lunch dinner, durian, coffee and tea, snacks and junk foods, McD online, Street fighter and Worms, insects ants moths rats, and bit of beers wtf.

I guess tats it.

Ohh and we met the most wtf bro and sis tat conned all of us so many wtf times till we got really dono wtf were real or fake.

But was fun, filled the house with laughters.

So i think tats all for the good times.

Gonna hammer hard on my studies from now onwards.

Progression was just okay for last few weeks, means life is getting tougher and tougher.

Stress shit.

Thanks god i can feel tat shit right now.

So tomorrow will be the start of my non stop revision classes for 2 weeks consecutively, i can barely breath seriously. Wish me luck folks.

And till then, cheerio.

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