February 28, 2010

just for laughter#2

here's my conversation with su ann.
(Private blog or not? = su ann)

Private blog or not? says: (11:19:08 PM)
whr r u?
kaibin says: (11:19:24 PM)
kaibin says: (11:19:25 PM)
kaibin says: (11:19:30 PM)
where u now
Private blog or not? says: (11:19:31 PM)
Private blog or not? says: (11:19:36 PM)
kaibin says: (11:20:02 PM)
kaibin says: (11:20:14 PM)
then i should have go find u earlier la
kaibin says: (11:20:24 PM)
forgot its sunday
kaibin says: (11:20:31 PM)
now im lazy to drive tat far
kaibin says: (11:20:34 PM)
see la tomorrow
kaibin says: (11:20:42 PM)
Private blog or not? says: (11:20:52 PM)
kaibin says: (11:20:53 PM)
ur russell will kill me anot ?
Private blog or not? says: (11:20:53 PM)
okay la
Private blog or not? says: (11:20:55 PM)
Private blog or not? says: (11:21:00 PM)
he ady wan to kill u
Private blog or not? says: (11:21:02 PM)
kaibin says: (11:21:24 PM)
kaibin says: (11:21:25 PM)
why ahh
Private blog or not? says: (11:21:38 PM)
Private blog or not? says: (11:21:40 PM)
kaibin says: (11:21:42 PM)
i got flame him meh
kaibin says: (11:21:45 PM)
kaibin says: (11:21:50 PM)
ask him come out
Private blog or not? says: (11:21:50 PM)
Private blog or not? says: (11:21:52 PM)
kaibin says: (11:21:56 PM)
kaibin says: (11:22:08 PM)
sure anot
Private blog or not? says: (11:22:33 PM)
sure what?
kaibin says: (11:22:42 PM)
he wanna kill me?
Private blog or not? says: (11:22:45 PM)
kaibin says: (11:22:47 PM)
he knows who am i?
Private blog or not? says: (11:22:47 PM)
kaibin says: (11:22:49 PM)
Private blog or not? says: (11:23:00 PM)
i call u my starbucks kaki
kaibin says: (11:23:30 PM)
kaibin says: (11:23:33 PM)
Private blog or not? says: (11:23:37 PM)
Private blog or not? says: (11:23:41 PM)
wait a while
Private blog or not? says: (11:23:43 PM)
i blog dulu
kaibin says: (11:24:02 PM)
kaibin says: (11:24:03 PM)

yes i copied my bro's gf's blog style. hahaha. paiseh yanki=)

February 27, 2010

just for laughter

found tis from MengKit's facebook photo album.
with James' Takamine. hahaha..
damn cool with the photo edited=D

February 26, 2010


simply out of my random-ness.
thanks lip.
thanks su ann.
thanks uncle.

and something even random.

it's stupid i know. like i care. hahaha..

February 25, 2010

another record set

here goes.
i have been driving 710 km for the past 5 days. which is 142 km per day. so it's like.. WTF. did i drive tat far? never thought tat my lil red is still tat 'strong' to go up and down. hahaha.. good job lil red!

and finally. Elaine in the house!! hahaha..
here are some 'cool' photos i took.
thean hou temple.
port dickson.
and sg congkak.
at last. we managed to see 'egg yolk' on the way to LCCT. cloudy days spoiled my plans. arghh.

for the first time i realized tat there are so many places we can go around KL. tho some are quite far away. hahaha.. we enjoyed we had fun. so wat do u think?

once again. thanks for coming Elaine. gonna wait for years again to our next meet up. hopefully i can make it to melb. haha. and so for sure. i'll miss u very very much. dont forget our promise, it's time to change!! hehehe.. please take good care of yourself ya=)

GOOD NEWS. i passed my P2. thank god thank goodness thank menon thank myself. hahahahahahaa..
yeaaa~~ no more class with menon. GOSH. good bye nightmare.

so 3 months down to 3 papers for tis sem. gonna go back to my nerdy life soon. arghh..

February 19, 2010

new 'TOY'

my fairclough acoustic guitar.
the 'electric river'.
and together with a capo.
i have been craving for an acoustic guitar ever since i started playing tis instrument.

fret bar is pretty cool and tuner goes together wit the guitar. now i need not to rely on my old tuner tat i have been using for 10 year. oh yes. 10 years. sometimes i rather tune with my ears than using the tuner. and of course. most importantly is tat i love the tone of tis guitar. bright and clear. exactly the tone tat i have been looking for.

my fingers are numb now. hahaha. similar experience playing with james' takamine when i was staying in sunway. nylon strings are way too soft to play with. need more practice to master it.

thanks dad. i love it very much.

next target. acoustic amp=)

February 16, 2010

hot weather

and so the new year celebration.
ready for lou sang with my uncle's both hands up. hahaha..
oh yummy~
the result of having too much wine in the beginning of dinner. thumb up from uncle. yeaa.
and the drunken sisters. hahahaha..

tat's only for 'night 30'.
more to come.


awesome new year.

time goes by so fast,
without knowing tat day 2 has passed.
without knowing tat i received so many ang pau's.
without knowing tat i have been gambling non stop for 2 days.
without knowing tat im almost an alcoholic now.
without knowing tat valentines is over.
without knowing tat some strange feelings are still hanging around.
damn it.

i have no idea what the hell am i thinking right now.

one week down to my result day. i have prayed for the best.
and now. im preparing for the worst.

life goes on. even tho it sucks.
so like i said, fuck it. haha..

im listening to Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.
'do you think you can tell?'

February 12, 2010


currently im still in blur mood. no crapping again tonight. so..

my bro lip is back.
went yam cha wit chian.
by the way,

valentines is around the corner.
so, a gift for myself.
and yea~ life is good.

bro. thanks for the 'thing'. i reli like it. seriously and honestly. hahaha.. thanks alot man!

February 09, 2010

old and NEW

my mom got me a plant for my table. lovely~
found tis on my table the next day. i have totally no idea wat is tat. hahaha..
anyway. thanks mom. i love it so much=)

i bought a set of guitar strings after class today.
the old strings.
and the new strings.
managed to tight it perfectly tis time. i couldn't recall how many time i actually changed my guitar strings. but the last time i did was very cacat. now, im pro. hahaha..

i wan an acoustic guitar. very badly. ahhhhh...

February 08, 2010

ON and OFF

haha.. my mind is blank now but got the feel of blogging.
so here's the status for today.
ON during day time.
OFF during night time.
tat's it. hahahahahahaha..

February 06, 2010


nowadays i free like 'qi siao'. seriously demotivated in doing any shit.

wake up around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. switch on macbook. lunch. play guitar. dinner. tv. go out dont know where. music. and for goodness sake. i have been reading the Lost Symbol for months. till now still got another half to go. yes. im slow. zzzz..

ohya. my BRADER mr. lip has started his blog. hahaha. perhaps u guys can check it out if u wan to. woi lip. i advertise for u dy so better blog more la. hahahaha..

btw my ACCA result is coming out in exactly 2 weeks time. yea~

February 05, 2010


i dont know how to start tis post. let photos do the intro.
caught some nice photos on day 1. awesome sunset.

tis is my lovely friend Elaine. got to know her for years but we hardly meet up. hahaha. still remember the last time was in year 2006. haha. FINALLY~
oh i love tis shot. haha.

day 2 in Bukit Bendera.
thank you Elaine. i enjoyed a lot for the last few days. thank you sooo much. i hope i can see u soon but i know it's not be possible. haihh. sad.
anyways. wish u all the best in ur future.
i gonna miss u very very much. please take good care of urself.

as u might notice. tis blog is posted at 6 in the morning. well. i would say im now officially a vampire. hahaha.