February 05, 2010


i dont know how to start tis post. let photos do the intro.
caught some nice photos on day 1. awesome sunset.

tis is my lovely friend Elaine. got to know her for years but we hardly meet up. hahaha. still remember the last time was in year 2006. haha. FINALLY~
oh i love tis shot. haha.

day 2 in Bukit Bendera.
thank you Elaine. i enjoyed a lot for the last few days. thank you sooo much. i hope i can see u soon but i know it's not be possible. haihh. sad.
anyways. wish u all the best in ur future.
i gonna miss u very very much. please take good care of urself.

as u might notice. tis blog is posted at 6 in the morning. well. i would say im now officially a vampire. hahaha.

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