February 25, 2010

another record set

here goes.
i have been driving 710 km for the past 5 days. which is 142 km per day. so it's like.. WTF. did i drive tat far? never thought tat my lil red is still tat 'strong' to go up and down. hahaha.. good job lil red!

and finally. Elaine in the house!! hahaha..
here are some 'cool' photos i took.
thean hou temple.
port dickson.
and sg congkak.
at last. we managed to see 'egg yolk' on the way to LCCT. cloudy days spoiled my plans. arghh.

for the first time i realized tat there are so many places we can go around KL. tho some are quite far away. hahaha.. we enjoyed we had fun. so wat do u think?

once again. thanks for coming Elaine. gonna wait for years again to our next meet up. hopefully i can make it to melb. haha. and so for sure. i'll miss u very very much. dont forget our promise, it's time to change!! hehehe.. please take good care of yourself ya=)

GOOD NEWS. i passed my P2. thank god thank goodness thank menon thank myself. hahahahahahaa..
yeaaa~~ no more class with menon. GOSH. good bye nightmare.

so 3 months down to 3 papers for tis sem. gonna go back to my nerdy life soon. arghh..

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