February 19, 2010

new 'TOY'

my fairclough acoustic guitar.
the 'electric river'.
and together with a capo.
i have been craving for an acoustic guitar ever since i started playing tis instrument.

fret bar is pretty cool and tuner goes together wit the guitar. now i need not to rely on my old tuner tat i have been using for 10 year. oh yes. 10 years. sometimes i rather tune with my ears than using the tuner. and of course. most importantly is tat i love the tone of tis guitar. bright and clear. exactly the tone tat i have been looking for.

my fingers are numb now. hahaha. similar experience playing with james' takamine when i was staying in sunway. nylon strings are way too soft to play with. need more practice to master it.

thanks dad. i love it very much.

next target. acoustic amp=)

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