February 09, 2010

old and NEW

my mom got me a plant for my table. lovely~
found tis on my table the next day. i have totally no idea wat is tat. hahaha..
anyway. thanks mom. i love it so much=)

i bought a set of guitar strings after class today.
the old strings.
and the new strings.
managed to tight it perfectly tis time. i couldn't recall how many time i actually changed my guitar strings. but the last time i did was very cacat. now, im pro. hahaha..

i wan an acoustic guitar. very badly. ahhhhh...


  1. wahh you change your own strings.. cool eh..

    i think those small little black stuff on your 2nd pic is cockroach egg.. no joke.. really looks like it.. shows how dirty your room is.. ish ish..

  2. huh.. not gua. it dropped from the plant i think. i saw some kind of web wit it also. zzz..