December 31, 2010


Another 6 hours to 2011.

What have i done for the past one year.

Seems like no achievement at all.


Fuck me.

December 21, 2010

Last day of 2010 in Malaysia

Yeaa. Im flying to HK for xmas and new year. Will bounce around HK this time for sure.

Plans? Not really. But we shall see, and im damn looking forward to it.
Praying for my uniqlo heattech to work, or else i'll be DOA, dead on arrival.

Btw, i really had so much fun from the day i finished my papers till now.
Thanks guys. I will see u guys next year.

And yeaa, tonight was the most unbelievable one=)

Good night.

December 19, 2010


What a day.

A non stop activities from morning till night.

Rock climbing in morning. Fun. but my leg was so painful until i couldnt take it anymore. Damn.

Sid's Kenny's Hill in afternoon. An awesome event. Wonderful weather and drinking under some tree during day time was unbelievable.

Night at Leisure Mall Starbucks. Played few songs to some kids and some jingle bells stuff. Was fun, my first so called 'on stage' experience. In fact i was standing behind the kids and they were singing so much louder than two guitars hahahaha. It was really fun btw.

Right now, im exhausted. Adios.

December 16, 2010

Last night

I had my revenge.

Damn last night was the night i have been waiting for months. It was utter fun seriously.

For the first time, looking those drunk college mates was fuckin fun and funny indeed ahahahahaha. And taking stupid nasi lemak with loads of sambal after drinking was a bad idea. Fucking bad idea.

I still remember, when i was writing the last question of P3, man the fuckin word 'Guiness' popped out from my head. Fuckin distraction wtf. If any of u guys wanna ask me how was the exam, i have my answer for u.

'I dont know, we shall see in Feb'.

Now, im cracking my head for plans in HK. I guess i really have to sit down and make some plans out of it. Im gonna make this as my best trip ever in my life. Since im going there for such a long while. Oh yeaa=)

So i think thats it for now. Till then, cheerio.

December 15, 2010


Yea, it's all over.

Which means, it's party time.

And i'll make sure i gonna make something unforgettable tonight.

Stay tune.

December 12, 2010


Photos are meant to be kept and look back when you realized that there are something went missing in your daily routine.

To me especially.

December 11, 2010


I never expect tats gonna happened in today's paper.
wtf CSF wtf VBM wtf Altman.
Wat kind of crap is tat.

Nvm just fuck it.

2 more to go.

December 09, 2010

cbox restored

I just dont know why i put tat shit back to my blog.

Anyways readers, feel free to crap in my cbox.

And of course, nonsensical shit will be deleted, for sure.

Till then, cheerio.

December 06, 2010

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity - Albert Einstein

Gosh im lovin' my new fuckin template wtf hahahahahaha XD

December 05, 2010

Fuckin stacko

Im not going to play tat damn bloody fuckin stacko anymore wtf. NEVER!

December 04, 2010

Tommy Emmanuel

I regretted so much that i forgot to bring my camera. Damn it.
It was a very inspiring concert. Yea i would say it was the best ever concert that i ever been to. Each and every of his song was full with passion and emotions. He delivered all these through his music. Ruby's Eyes and The Trail, man i was so falling into the song. Some imaginations went bit overly creative while watching him playing. it was unbelievable.

The song I Still Cant Say Goodbye to his dad and Angelina for his daughter, seriously i just nearly dropped my tears wtf. I love the song Angelina so much. So much that im still listening to it with my iPod. Btw i think i got way too excited when he was playing Angelina. Damn it i just couldnt express the feeling. Utterly utterly unbelievable.

Thanks Tommy. You really made my day. Throughout the 2 and half hours i forgot all the shit that i have been through. And i will not give up to my dreams. Like you said, Haba Na Haba, little by little, your sweet dreams come true.

ps: My exams are a week away from now. And i dont even know whether im ready or not. It's fuck up. Some one up there, if i see this, please gimme some blessings and blasting. I will definitely feel grateful bout it. Thanks=)

December 03, 2010

Found something on my table tat i tot was never important at all.

November 19, 2010

i really can't wait for this=D

November 17, 2010

One says

Just back from my so called fuckin miserable days, which means, i was fuckin sick for the last few days. Damn it.

It's weird. I finally got to stay at home for a complete day. I just couldn't remember when was the last time i can just stare at my macbook for nonsenses, playing guitar for hours and also comics on my bed. It's unbelievable.

And yea, there was one thought while i was on my way home just now and i feel like sharing it out here. Well, this is something that i have been thinking bout it for quite some time. So one night, with brothers and some alcohol together came up with a topic bout the world. You see, the world is fuckin strange. So many things happened and all came to one reason, egotism. Well this came my mind while im studying this fuckin P1 paper and ethics shit thus i do read some bit and pieces bout the business world. The conclusion is, greed serves the best to the world and there goes to recession and what what what.

But, is that all about the world? Lets not talk about things around the world. A simple example, would you stop at the zebra crossing between ikea and curve? Seriously i have seen people flew through the few bumps just to ignore others that were waiting at the side. And to be honest, i used to be like tat too. But not anymore. I truly think tats kind of a selfish act. I believe the same shit would happen in Spore if there were no law enforced to see who gets 'first' at the zebra crossing. Ya right, moral shit in primary and high school didn't really work aren't they? Of course there are still never ending examples for this topic.

I mean, shall we just do our best to change this world? Like at least hold the lift for your neighbour or let the elders to have seats in LRT or bus. Some little things do make a difference to the world. We all know racism and religious issues happen all around the world, tho this issue was kinda 'hot' here months ago. But what if, everyone just take a step back, look around, see is there any benefit of any kind if u are trying to do any shit, any speech or what not. Seriously, im definitely not being racist or any kind of discrimination or what shit. I still remember a phrase from my high school teacher, he said if there is something has more drawbacks than its benefits, just dont fuckin do it. Btw, actually he was referring to our smokers in school, and now imma smoker too. Fuck. Well, is tat part of life too?

I guess tats all for some piece of my mind. I cant really write much cos it has taken me hours to write this bit. But yea, finally another post with more words.

Im not a good writer, tats why im doing accounting.

November 08, 2010


I tot im getting older.

In fact, my mom and dad too.

Thanks to a blogpost.

It reminds me of the love they have been giving me all these while.

Btw, do you remember when was the last time u said i love you to ur mom and dad?

I do=)

This simple and short blogpost is specially dedicated to my parents.
Ba Ma, i love you.

November 07, 2010

im so in love

with my guitarXD. yeaaa.

October 28, 2010

fuck u fuckin vampire hahahahaha.

i wanted words but all i heard is nothing

Finally im back to my old days.
Back to my 'study with no life' routine.
it's fuck up btw.

nvm, i still have my guitar with me.

and of course,
a text from you means a lot to me=)

October 25, 2010

mea culpa

This is the only photo that passed my minimum requirement.

Well then i'll just keep the rest for myself.

and yea, that night was definitely unforgettable=)

October 22, 2010

at last

yea i did it. just like tat.
at least i got no regrets.
i aint gonna know wats gonna happen next.
go with flow i guess=)

October 20, 2010

My days have started getting screwed up.
Bloody hell i need a pint to revive myself.
btw i wont fuckin give up.

October 01, 2010

now i got a reason to cheer up,

September 11, 2010


i always have this fucking thought in my mind.

am i a born loser?

looking back, seems like i had never done anything best in any shit.
everything that i put so much hard work in it but shit never pays off.
academic, sports..
bloody hell.
i screwed up damn lot of things didn't i?

well i cant do anything to my past. move forward is the only fucking thing i will do right now.

btw, even though im a loser.
i ain't a quitter. and i never will.

September 01, 2010

fuck whatever happened in the past.

what im going to do now is to move on.


August 23, 2010

bloody hell

it's so fuck up after putting so much of hard work but the result didnt pay off.

damn it.

July 22, 2010

A Gift To My Children

My dad passed me this book few days ago=)

July 15, 2010


It has been long since the last time i crapped shit here. Yes im lazy and due to some reasons, most of the time im blur like sotong, seriously. My nose irritates me constantly and i lost my concentration always, even when i was driving. Too much of day dreaming these days.

So my holiday has come to an end. I really dont know what have i been doing lately. Ohyea i got fever, 'football fever' that cause me woke up at 4pm daily for the last one week. And the effect is still going on. Seriously it's utterly depressing where i only had 3 hours of sunlight. It gave me surprises every time i looked at the clock, the kind of "WAHH, IT'S TIME FOR DINNER? WHERE IS MY LUNCH?" reaction screwed my days. Some more Spain won the world cup wtf.

And now, i simply cant sleep early these days, it's 15 mins to 5 and im still here squeezing ma brain juice to crap something. Every time i wanted to write somethings tat hanging inside my head but somehow, my fingers tend to write things that are out of my plan. When it comes to writing something longer than the usual ones, the time taken is always far longer that easily take hours. The communication line from ma head to fingers are not functioning well. It happens.

In less than a month, im gonna bounce to Bali for a week. Honestly speaking, this trip does bother me a lot. There are tonnes of things i have to consider and prepared for the trip, unlike my Singapore and HK trip. This Bali trip boggles my mind throughout the year, things like my cash flow statement and classes that i'll miss, of course with some other stuff that when aggregate everything all together, my head would blow up anytime. Well im praying for the best. There are things have to be done for the first time.

My dad passed me a book by Jim Roger, A Gift To My Children. This book gathers all my thoughts about my future. What's my future gonna look like? in 5 years? 10 years? I dare not to imagine anything bout it. The author said dream bout your future. My dreams? Driving a Ferrari? Staying in penthouse? I often think of ways to earn money, for sure legal ones. But looking at all my uncles and relatives, i wonder what kind of life style am i searching for. Luxuries? Family? What are my dreams? I'll get a conclusion soon. But for now, shit, like i said i have taken too much time.


July 05, 2010


A dinner again with the 'busy' Sophia.
Thanks to her, i got an awesome dinner before the Germany's match LOL.
Here are some photos,
The 'busy' Sophia.
Bread with butter and some kind of british tomato sauce.
Drumstick stuff with pork fillings.
And some superb dessert=)

Well, today is my birthday, and my sis's too.
So, happy birthday to MingMing and also myself LOL=D

June 26, 2010


I'm back from Singapore. Yeaa~ It was an awesome trip. Walk here and there alone wasn't as bad as i thought, tho i had tried it before and overall it was fantastic.

But im not going to blog about my Singapore trip. Photos are uploaded in my Facebook so go check it out=)

Instead, here are some shots i took from Malacca.

I dont feel like blogging bout my Singapore trip. Kinda lazy to blog something long. Ya right im lazy hahaha.
2 more weeks of holidays, so far my schedule has been fully packed. I guess it's time to do some reading instead of misbehaving and roaming here there.
And so, will i blog more? Maybe? hahaha.

June 18, 2010

im done

I have been waiting for this day for months.

I got to chill properly without any worries.
I got to woke up late.
I got to drink=D
I got to stone whole day at home.
I got to misbehave here and there.

Omg isn't it wonderful.

And thanks to Sophia, dinner in El Meson=)

that's wat she did every time i got my camera up.

Pork dishes ulalala~
and hehehe~

I still couldn't remove the nerdy look on my face.

Speaking of exams, tho i shouldn't mention bout it, but seriously..
I think i did it badly.

Never mind, the end will justify the means.

Well, my schedules are fully packed.
IM BOILING MAN! hahahahahaha.

June 13, 2010

Just for tonight

Finally a have got a chance to chill.

3 more days and im done.

By the way, last week was really long. Damn fucking long wtf.

June 10, 2010

Singin' In The Rain

Honestly it took me almost the whole night to upload this video to Youtube wtf.
And i had to stay awake until 4 in the bloody morning and set alarm at 5.30 to peek on the upload status.
So luckily it's done=)

A bit of jazz jazz feel and this piece seriously took me a lot of time to practice. But still not perfect yet zzz. I wonder when can i play with 0% error like those pro guitarist wtf. arghh.

BTW, this is my classical guitar that given from my mom. It's almost 30 years old. I guess more than that tho. And the tones are still not bad, not as solid but to me it's like tones with depth and warm from inside. That's why i like it and im still playing with it=)

So, enjoy~

p/s: err.. i guess i screwed my audit paper yesterday. seriously FML gao gao. omg i don wanna take that shit for the 4th time wtf wtf wtf.

June 04, 2010

Love Song

Yea~ I guess it's time to write something instead of blogging with photos.

Gosh. These days are mad tired. Travelling here there study there here. And guess what, so far i have been to 4 college's libraries and countless Starbucks with the purpose of study, tho most of the time my macbook was with me so u guys know la LOL. I simply cant study at home. I will either stone with macbook or hugging my guitars for the whole afternoon wtf. Im sorry mom, thats the only way out for me to concentrate and study. I will return ur lil red to you when my exam is finish ok?

So, last mon i went to TARC library=D. It's been almost 3 year from the last time i stepped into the campus. Thanks to Sophia for taking me there. The funniest part is that, i had never studied in TARC library for the whole Alevels there. And i even took my bro's expired student card for the library entrance. Damn bodoh and desperate wtf. In the end i got warned by bloody indian librarian asking me not to eat Sophia bagi mia Horlicks Malties inside wtf wtf.

The day ended up with 'yaw che hor' in Sophia's 'MYbaby' ahahahahahahaha. This girl she is so super blur omg. Im lazy to write bout details but seriously, speechless throughout the whole journey but non stop laughing till i need to massage my face to continue laughing. Sophia you are the best la. Thumbs up for you=)

Love Song by Trace Bundy is superb.

Have been repeating this song for dont know how many times. Lovely melodies and check out his skills, THREE capos man!

Some of u might think that im not serious. Exams in less than a week but im here blogging. Ahhh.. Hopefully i dont get break down during exams=X

May 25, 2010

Credits to my sis=)

May 24, 2010

tak tau apa

Saw this thing on my table when i got home.
And it joined together with my keys the next second without hesitation=)

May 23, 2010

half day off

Lunch with Sophia=)

Here's a little bodoh story i created. hahaha.

hmm. lets try this and that.
Too much..
gosh, macam mana?
see, i told ya.
luckily saya boleh makan. hahahaha.

wtf memang bodoh. XD

this is wat happened when you study from 2 to 2 everyday for weeks.

blur like sotong wtf.

May 07, 2010


Finally i had a half chilling day with Sophia today. My goodness, i have been studying like pure nerd for weeks. One month down to exam, and revision classes on every weekends till June. Stress shit, seriously. It's been long that i have not taken 3 papers in a semester, having difficulty in breathing wtf.

Anyways, here's the coffee we tried this afternoon.
Blue mountain and charcoal roast.

some cakes.

and a 'yea' from Sophia.

thanks Sophia. hehehe.

May 02, 2010


Now I understand why Lip never update his blog for such a long while.
Seriously, memang malas la.

April 25, 2010

a gift

From my lecturer, thanks sir.
Gonna try it later LOL! yea~

April 22, 2010

No wonder bad luck comes to me every now and then. wtf.

April 18, 2010

it hurts

Quite painful actually.

April 13, 2010

frustration beyond words

I believe most of the Apple users had the same kind of frustration like i do when Apple launch their upgraded products. Here's my turn now.

Seriously the differences are enormous.

Lets start from specs.
Processor from 2.26GHz to 2.4GHz, never mind.
RAM from 2GB TO 4GB, WTF!
Hard drive from 160GB to 250GB, okay~
Graphics, i don't know the difference so never mind.
Battery lasts up 10 hours from 6 hours, WTFF!!

And the grand finale, selling price, from RM4099 to RM3599, for goodness sake, it's bloody RM500 difference man, WTFFF!!!

Tho I knew they would definitely upgrade it sooner or later, that's part of their strategies, it's just the matter of time. And also that since i have been using my macbook for more than half a year. Well, it was like 'wtf' when i saw these upgrades. In fact it's kinda 'painful' to me too. ahhhhh.

So just in case if any of u guys want to get something from Apple, my advice, get it when Apple first launch it, at least the 'PAIN' will not be as much when it comes to this situation. hahahaha=)

my playlist

I hope the screenshot is not too small.
These are songs I listened the most ever since I have my macbook.
Most of the songs up there are not my favourite anymore and i didn't listen to them for quite some time. I was once into oldies like The Eagles, MJ, Led Zep, Bob Marley, but not anymore.

Well, RodGab are my favourite guitarist. As u can see, most of their songs in the lastest album 11:11 are in the list. In fact i listened to their song almost every time during my studies. Their musics are unique in the sense they don't categories themselves in any genre but world music, which include all kinds of mixture in the album. I adore their passion in music and determination towards life. I did practice some of their songs but it was hopeless. It wasn't easy tho hahaha.

Speaking of which, i have no idea why Macy Gray's Still is at the top of the list. The last time i listened to that song was like months ago and i actually removed it from my current playlist. Not to say i hate that song, is just that the lyrics is kinda.. emo. hahaha. I'm not emo right now so yea~

Here's something else.

Some say i don't look like the eldest brother at home wtf. And they didn't tell me the reason why wtf. This is far worst than someone saying i look 5 years younger than my age wtf. Seriously wtf. I really don't understand why wtf. Damn bloody frustrating leh wtf. Ahhh fuck it laa wtf.

April 08, 2010

The Rose

The Rose arranged by Martin Tallstrom.
Very simple and another lovely piece i found last night.

Everything has been dull and not much hype through out these days. Seriously i couldn't think if any topic to blog about. wtf. Damn sien man. Luckily im no longer having slept late woke up late that kinda lifestyle and trying hard to turn myself into nerdy bookworm, again. Speaking of which, i found out SWOT analysis and Porter's 5 competitive force could be work out in girls tackling strategies. To maintain good relationship, value chain and PESTEL analysis would be more appropriate. hahaha. Michael Porter must be very good in these kind of stuff, who knows? hahahaha. Well, it makes sense tho=)

Anyways exam is coming in exact 2 months time. I can feel the bloody stress right now, and my 'dearest' audit is still remain untouched. Ahh i don wanna repeat the same thing again, bloody hell.

Another add up from starbucks' lame joke, how bout a marble cheese BURGER?=D

April 01, 2010

it's standing

ohyea~ Finally, they are 'standing'.

My car was nearly towed by bloody DBKL. Luckily i didn't simply parked my car while i was having dinner where i usually did. There were 5 or 6 tow cars roaming around Bangsar Village that hour. Well, i had that experience before, it wasn't good at all, seriously.

So moral of the story, keep an eye on your car if you do illegal parking, especially when you do double parking, that's what i do always=)

March 31, 2010

just for laughter#3

here are some jokes from my friends working in starbucks and baskin.
trust me, u will laugh like mad=D

so here goes,

caramel macchiato - caramel MARGARITA & CAMERA macchiato

caffe mocha - caffe MOSCO

vanilla cream - 'VIRGIANA' cream (ahahahahahhaa..)

rum raisin - RAMEN raisin

chocolate chip - chocolate CHEESE

and my favourite one,

blueberry cheese cake - blue BLOODY cheese cake
(i wonder how it tastes like, i dont wanna imagine tat=P)

there are more if im not mistaken, but i couldn't recall any other than those above.
they said those customers actually pronounced all these 'bloody' things with full confidence.
hmm. perhaps i should try it to other stores and see what kind of reaction i can get. hahahahaa.

btw, laughter is the best medicine. so please laugh=)

p/s: some say it's lame to ask people laugh, at least laughter is probably 100 times better than emo. hehe~

March 28, 2010

dinner with

miss Shiroi and miss Vivian.

and me,
thank you miss Shiroi for the INSTAX=)

just another add up,


im in fuckin deeeeeep shit.

and seriously,

the bloody damn deepest shit ever in my life.

fuck my life.