April 08, 2010

The Rose

The Rose arranged by Martin Tallstrom.
Very simple and another lovely piece i found last night.

Everything has been dull and not much hype through out these days. Seriously i couldn't think if any topic to blog about. wtf. Damn sien man. Luckily im no longer having slept late woke up late that kinda lifestyle and trying hard to turn myself into nerdy bookworm, again. Speaking of which, i found out SWOT analysis and Porter's 5 competitive force could be work out in girls tackling strategies. To maintain good relationship, value chain and PESTEL analysis would be more appropriate. hahaha. Michael Porter must be very good in these kind of stuff, who knows? hahahaha. Well, it makes sense tho=)

Anyways exam is coming in exact 2 months time. I can feel the bloody stress right now, and my 'dearest' audit is still remain untouched. Ahh i don wanna repeat the same thing again, bloody hell.

Another add up from starbucks' lame joke, how bout a marble cheese BURGER?=D

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