April 13, 2010

my playlist

I hope the screenshot is not too small.
These are songs I listened the most ever since I have my macbook.
Most of the songs up there are not my favourite anymore and i didn't listen to them for quite some time. I was once into oldies like The Eagles, MJ, Led Zep, Bob Marley, but not anymore.

Well, RodGab are my favourite guitarist. As u can see, most of their songs in the lastest album 11:11 are in the list. In fact i listened to their song almost every time during my studies. Their musics are unique in the sense they don't categories themselves in any genre but world music, which include all kinds of mixture in the album. I adore their passion in music and determination towards life. I did practice some of their songs but it was hopeless. It wasn't easy tho hahaha.

Speaking of which, i have no idea why Macy Gray's Still is at the top of the list. The last time i listened to that song was like months ago and i actually removed it from my current playlist. Not to say i hate that song, is just that the lyrics is kinda.. emo. hahaha. I'm not emo right now so yea~

Here's something else.

Some say i don't look like the eldest brother at home wtf. And they didn't tell me the reason why wtf. This is far worst than someone saying i look 5 years younger than my age wtf. Seriously wtf. I really don't understand why wtf. Damn bloody frustrating leh wtf. Ahhh fuck it laa wtf.

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