March 31, 2010

just for laughter#3

here are some jokes from my friends working in starbucks and baskin.
trust me, u will laugh like mad=D

so here goes,

caramel macchiato - caramel MARGARITA & CAMERA macchiato

caffe mocha - caffe MOSCO

vanilla cream - 'VIRGIANA' cream (ahahahahahhaa..)

rum raisin - RAMEN raisin

chocolate chip - chocolate CHEESE

and my favourite one,

blueberry cheese cake - blue BLOODY cheese cake
(i wonder how it tastes like, i dont wanna imagine tat=P)

there are more if im not mistaken, but i couldn't recall any other than those above.
they said those customers actually pronounced all these 'bloody' things with full confidence.
hmm. perhaps i should try it to other stores and see what kind of reaction i can get. hahahahaa.

btw, laughter is the best medicine. so please laugh=)

p/s: some say it's lame to ask people laugh, at least laughter is probably 100 times better than emo. hehe~

March 28, 2010

dinner with

miss Shiroi and miss Vivian.

and me,
thank you miss Shiroi for the INSTAX=)

just another add up,


im in fuckin deeeeeep shit.

and seriously,

the bloody damn deepest shit ever in my life.

fuck my life.

March 26, 2010

it's been a week.

im worried..

March 24, 2010

missing you

missing you arranged by Sungha Jung.

lovely melody and very simple piece. i practiced only twice before tis recording. tho i missed some notes but overall it's ok to me.


March 23, 2010

KK 2008

my family trip to KK in year 2008.
i was looking at all my photo albums, then i realized i never posted any photos from tis KK trip.
here goes,
btw all photos are original. i didnt edit at all=)
and yea, these are all my favourite ones.
personally, i love tis photo very much. the only one tat got 'feel' the most. haha.

my sis found tis plant somewhere.

and the most random shot of all.
please laugh.

March 22, 2010

after rain

KL view from my house's balcony. paiseh, i takda tripod=)

just woke up about an hour ago. took a so called 'nap' after dinner. and now im still in half blur half awake condition. haha.

today's class was another torturing one. i could not get enough sleep because i was sleeping in living room and my uncle from Malacca 'conquered' my room for a night. the worst thing is tat, coffee didn't work at all. 2 cans of nescafe pun tak guna. probably my coffee addiction cause my body immune from caffeine. sounds bad, but i can't live without coffee. damn terrible man, class before lunch wasted just like tat. arghh.

the next class in taylors will be relocated to lakeside campus. i have never been there yet. so, oh yea, im looking forward to it. perhaps i can grab some photos before class. hehe=)

March 20, 2010

spot the difference

pretty obvious rite?

well, no guitar till it recovers. haihhh..

March 17, 2010


got a set of new strings for my fairclough.
but then,
i dont know why tat feller made it 'yin yong' with the string thingy. honestly, to me it looks awkward. i would prefer the sequence to be 3 black and 3 white together. i didn't know tis happened because initially i wanted to change the one tat's broken last week. perhaps u guys can take a good look at it in my previous post. satu biji saja ma. mana tau he broke another 2. and i was having class when he was getting his job done. so, it was like a surprise when i first look at it. never mind. it's okay. it's alright. i'll take it easy. it's cool. btw these Elixir strings are seriously awesome. the tones are so different compare with old strings. and it's very much better. hahaha. yea~

i was kinda frustrated the last few days. in other words, it sucks. FMLFMLFML!!
'oops i did it again'.
but never mind, fuck it.

March 16, 2010


took this photo while i was stuck in traffic jam.

this photo reminds me of the last time i told myself that it's time to change.

but, did i make any changes from that day till now?
still the same thing, slept late woke up late, wasted the whole afternoon sitting in front of macbook or playing my guitar, tv after dinner. tho i did some study for the past few weeks. still i don't see any difference after all.

btw. taking 3 papers tis sem seriously FML. and CG codes suck to the max. hahaha=)

March 14, 2010

some photos

watched alice with my sis last nite.
futterwacken is damn cool. hahaha.

some random photos.

and my lovely lil niece.

my goodness she is so cute.

hmm. im not tat kind of people tat can express myself good enough with words. that's why i post photos in my blog. perhaps once in awhile i write something. maybe~ so yea. tats me. hahaha.

March 13, 2010


yamcha session wit sunway kaki.
the busy ones
the happy ones.
and me staring at u.

btw. i screwed my test today. so yea~ fuck it.

March 11, 2010


how i wish tis could be my daily routine.

tho i will be broke by the end of this sem. whatever. hahaha.


it's been quite some time from the last time i had this clear view from balcony.
clear sky with stars and moon accompanied by chilling air.

and same goes to my feelings right now.

good night to all my loved ones=)

March 08, 2010


found tis in my house few days back.
a don't-ask-me-why photo.
and my dinner.
btw i have been listening to Gloomy Sunday from yesterday till now. im still here and i don feel like suicide. my sunday wasn't tat gloomy i perhaps=)

March 07, 2010

i really dont know wat to say

March 06, 2010


well. this is something tat has been bothering me from the first day i worked last year till now. yes i look young. but im 22 tis year. for the past few days i have been experiencing something tat concern with my age. there was tis security officer asked me while i was catching a cab. asking me something like 'are u going to tuition?'. tuition? high school tuition? and tis comic shop owner asked me which form am i studying now? and someone actually asked whether am i just graduated from high school? i was like wtf. do i really look tat young? it's been almost 5 years since i left my high school. no wonder all my ex colleagues treated me like a kid. tho i was the youngest in office but still it didn't sound good to me.

anyways since i cant do anything wit it, might as well i take it as it is. perhaps ladies might strangle me after reading tis post. hahaha.

another thing. the reason why i name my blog as D major is because that's the only scale i know for guitar and it's simple. honestly speaking, i hate music theories. i don't practice other scales except for D major. tho is important but i simply don like it. i only practice songs tat i like and most of the time, i skipped classical songs. haha=P

by the way, my favourite guitarist RodGab don't read notes too. so, yea~

March 05, 2010


here's my dad's specialty.
fantastic and delicious. hahaha.
my dad didn't give it a name. hmm. i will ask him later. hahaha.
btw my dad's homemade bacon tastes awesome. LOL=)

March 04, 2010


result of playing guitar for the whole afternoon.

and i saw sunshine for 3 hours onli. hahaha=D

March 02, 2010

rain rain rain

tis is wat happened yesterday evening.
the rain was heavy like mad.

and tis chili sauce.
i bet most of the people here never heard of tis hundred years old lingham chili sauce. 95% exported according to my dad.
it tastes not bad but i personally, i don't like it. hahaha.
btw it's healthy. no preservative and any chemical stuff. no wonder my mom bought it. lol=)