March 22, 2010

after rain

KL view from my house's balcony. paiseh, i takda tripod=)

just woke up about an hour ago. took a so called 'nap' after dinner. and now im still in half blur half awake condition. haha.

today's class was another torturing one. i could not get enough sleep because i was sleeping in living room and my uncle from Malacca 'conquered' my room for a night. the worst thing is tat, coffee didn't work at all. 2 cans of nescafe pun tak guna. probably my coffee addiction cause my body immune from caffeine. sounds bad, but i can't live without coffee. damn terrible man, class before lunch wasted just like tat. arghh.

the next class in taylors will be relocated to lakeside campus. i have never been there yet. so, oh yea, im looking forward to it. perhaps i can grab some photos before class. hehe=)

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