March 17, 2010


got a set of new strings for my fairclough.
but then,
i dont know why tat feller made it 'yin yong' with the string thingy. honestly, to me it looks awkward. i would prefer the sequence to be 3 black and 3 white together. i didn't know tis happened because initially i wanted to change the one tat's broken last week. perhaps u guys can take a good look at it in my previous post. satu biji saja ma. mana tau he broke another 2. and i was having class when he was getting his job done. so, it was like a surprise when i first look at it. never mind. it's okay. it's alright. i'll take it easy. it's cool. btw these Elixir strings are seriously awesome. the tones are so different compare with old strings. and it's very much better. hahaha. yea~

i was kinda frustrated the last few days. in other words, it sucks. FMLFMLFML!!
'oops i did it again'.
but never mind, fuck it.

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