March 31, 2010

just for laughter#3

here are some jokes from my friends working in starbucks and baskin.
trust me, u will laugh like mad=D

so here goes,

caramel macchiato - caramel MARGARITA & CAMERA macchiato

caffe mocha - caffe MOSCO

vanilla cream - 'VIRGIANA' cream (ahahahahahhaa..)

rum raisin - RAMEN raisin

chocolate chip - chocolate CHEESE

and my favourite one,

blueberry cheese cake - blue BLOODY cheese cake
(i wonder how it tastes like, i dont wanna imagine tat=P)

there are more if im not mistaken, but i couldn't recall any other than those above.
they said those customers actually pronounced all these 'bloody' things with full confidence.
hmm. perhaps i should try it to other stores and see what kind of reaction i can get. hahahahaa.

btw, laughter is the best medicine. so please laugh=)

p/s: some say it's lame to ask people laugh, at least laughter is probably 100 times better than emo. hehe~

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