March 06, 2010


well. this is something tat has been bothering me from the first day i worked last year till now. yes i look young. but im 22 tis year. for the past few days i have been experiencing something tat concern with my age. there was tis security officer asked me while i was catching a cab. asking me something like 'are u going to tuition?'. tuition? high school tuition? and tis comic shop owner asked me which form am i studying now? and someone actually asked whether am i just graduated from high school? i was like wtf. do i really look tat young? it's been almost 5 years since i left my high school. no wonder all my ex colleagues treated me like a kid. tho i was the youngest in office but still it didn't sound good to me.

anyways since i cant do anything wit it, might as well i take it as it is. perhaps ladies might strangle me after reading tis post. hahaha.

another thing. the reason why i name my blog as D major is because that's the only scale i know for guitar and it's simple. honestly speaking, i hate music theories. i don't practice other scales except for D major. tho is important but i simply don like it. i only practice songs tat i like and most of the time, i skipped classical songs. haha=P

by the way, my favourite guitarist RodGab don't read notes too. so, yea~


  1. good la look young.. take it as a compliment..

  2. yea bro. hahaha. i'll take it easy man. no worries.