April 13, 2010

frustration beyond words

I believe most of the Apple users had the same kind of frustration like i do when Apple launch their upgraded products. Here's my turn now.

Seriously the differences are enormous.

Lets start from specs.
Processor from 2.26GHz to 2.4GHz, never mind.
RAM from 2GB TO 4GB, WTF!
Hard drive from 160GB to 250GB, okay~
Graphics, i don't know the difference so never mind.
Battery lasts up 10 hours from 6 hours, WTFF!!

And the grand finale, selling price, from RM4099 to RM3599, for goodness sake, it's bloody RM500 difference man, WTFFF!!!

Tho I knew they would definitely upgrade it sooner or later, that's part of their strategies, it's just the matter of time. And also that since i have been using my macbook for more than half a year. Well, it was like 'wtf' when i saw these upgrades. In fact it's kinda 'painful' to me too. ahhhhh.

So just in case if any of u guys want to get something from Apple, my advice, get it when Apple first launch it, at least the 'PAIN' will not be as much when it comes to this situation. hahahaha=)

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  1. As what I know, the graphic card is the main factor for mcbook to extend its battery lasting time from 6 hrs to 10hrs.