December 16, 2010

Last night

I had my revenge.

Damn last night was the night i have been waiting for months. It was utter fun seriously.

For the first time, looking those drunk college mates was fuckin fun and funny indeed ahahahahaha. And taking stupid nasi lemak with loads of sambal after drinking was a bad idea. Fucking bad idea.

I still remember, when i was writing the last question of P3, man the fuckin word 'Guiness' popped out from my head. Fuckin distraction wtf. If any of u guys wanna ask me how was the exam, i have my answer for u.

'I dont know, we shall see in Feb'.

Now, im cracking my head for plans in HK. I guess i really have to sit down and make some plans out of it. Im gonna make this as my best trip ever in my life. Since im going there for such a long while. Oh yeaa=)

So i think thats it for now. Till then, cheerio.

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