December 04, 2010

Tommy Emmanuel

I regretted so much that i forgot to bring my camera. Damn it.
It was a very inspiring concert. Yea i would say it was the best ever concert that i ever been to. Each and every of his song was full with passion and emotions. He delivered all these through his music. Ruby's Eyes and The Trail, man i was so falling into the song. Some imaginations went bit overly creative while watching him playing. it was unbelievable.

The song I Still Cant Say Goodbye to his dad and Angelina for his daughter, seriously i just nearly dropped my tears wtf. I love the song Angelina so much. So much that im still listening to it with my iPod. Btw i think i got way too excited when he was playing Angelina. Damn it i just couldnt express the feeling. Utterly utterly unbelievable.

Thanks Tommy. You really made my day. Throughout the 2 and half hours i forgot all the shit that i have been through. And i will not give up to my dreams. Like you said, Haba Na Haba, little by little, your sweet dreams come true.

ps: My exams are a week away from now. And i dont even know whether im ready or not. It's fuck up. Some one up there, if i see this, please gimme some blessings and blasting. I will definitely feel grateful bout it. Thanks=)

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