July 15, 2010


It has been long since the last time i crapped shit here. Yes im lazy and due to some reasons, most of the time im blur like sotong, seriously. My nose irritates me constantly and i lost my concentration always, even when i was driving. Too much of day dreaming these days.

So my holiday has come to an end. I really dont know what have i been doing lately. Ohyea i got fever, 'football fever' that cause me woke up at 4pm daily for the last one week. And the effect is still going on. Seriously it's utterly depressing where i only had 3 hours of sunlight. It gave me surprises every time i looked at the clock, the kind of "WAHH, IT'S TIME FOR DINNER? WHERE IS MY LUNCH?" reaction screwed my days. Some more Spain won the world cup wtf.

And now, i simply cant sleep early these days, it's 15 mins to 5 and im still here squeezing ma brain juice to crap something. Every time i wanted to write somethings tat hanging inside my head but somehow, my fingers tend to write things that are out of my plan. When it comes to writing something longer than the usual ones, the time taken is always far longer that easily take hours. The communication line from ma head to fingers are not functioning well. It happens.

In less than a month, im gonna bounce to Bali for a week. Honestly speaking, this trip does bother me a lot. There are tonnes of things i have to consider and prepared for the trip, unlike my Singapore and HK trip. This Bali trip boggles my mind throughout the year, things like my cash flow statement and classes that i'll miss, of course with some other stuff that when aggregate everything all together, my head would blow up anytime. Well im praying for the best. There are things have to be done for the first time.

My dad passed me a book by Jim Roger, A Gift To My Children. This book gathers all my thoughts about my future. What's my future gonna look like? in 5 years? 10 years? I dare not to imagine anything bout it. The author said dream bout your future. My dreams? Driving a Ferrari? Staying in penthouse? I often think of ways to earn money, for sure legal ones. But looking at all my uncles and relatives, i wonder what kind of life style am i searching for. Luxuries? Family? What are my dreams? I'll get a conclusion soon. But for now, shit, like i said i have taken too much time.


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