June 18, 2010

im done

I have been waiting for this day for months.

I got to chill properly without any worries.
I got to woke up late.
I got to drink=D
I got to stone whole day at home.
I got to misbehave here and there.

Omg isn't it wonderful.

And thanks to Sophia, dinner in El Meson=)

that's wat she did every time i got my camera up.

Pork dishes ulalala~
and hehehe~

I still couldn't remove the nerdy look on my face.

Speaking of exams, tho i shouldn't mention bout it, but seriously..
I think i did it badly.

Never mind, the end will justify the means.

Well, my schedules are fully packed.
IM BOILING MAN! hahahahahaha.

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