June 04, 2010

Love Song

Yea~ I guess it's time to write something instead of blogging with photos.

Gosh. These days are mad tired. Travelling here there study there here. And guess what, so far i have been to 4 college's libraries and countless Starbucks with the purpose of study, tho most of the time my macbook was with me so u guys know la LOL. I simply cant study at home. I will either stone with macbook or hugging my guitars for the whole afternoon wtf. Im sorry mom, thats the only way out for me to concentrate and study. I will return ur lil red to you when my exam is finish ok?

So, last mon i went to TARC library=D. It's been almost 3 year from the last time i stepped into the campus. Thanks to Sophia for taking me there. The funniest part is that, i had never studied in TARC library for the whole Alevels there. And i even took my bro's expired student card for the library entrance. Damn bodoh and desperate wtf. In the end i got warned by bloody indian librarian asking me not to eat Sophia bagi mia Horlicks Malties inside wtf wtf.

The day ended up with 'yaw che hor' in Sophia's 'MYbaby' ahahahahahahaha. This girl she is so super blur omg. Im lazy to write bout details but seriously, speechless throughout the whole journey but non stop laughing till i need to massage my face to continue laughing. Sophia you are the best la. Thumbs up for you=)

Love Song by Trace Bundy is superb.

Have been repeating this song for dont know how many times. Lovely melodies and check out his skills, THREE capos man!

Some of u might think that im not serious. Exams in less than a week but im here blogging. Ahhh.. Hopefully i dont get break down during exams=X

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