November 17, 2010

One says

Just back from my so called fuckin miserable days, which means, i was fuckin sick for the last few days. Damn it.

It's weird. I finally got to stay at home for a complete day. I just couldn't remember when was the last time i can just stare at my macbook for nonsenses, playing guitar for hours and also comics on my bed. It's unbelievable.

And yea, there was one thought while i was on my way home just now and i feel like sharing it out here. Well, this is something that i have been thinking bout it for quite some time. So one night, with brothers and some alcohol together came up with a topic bout the world. You see, the world is fuckin strange. So many things happened and all came to one reason, egotism. Well this came my mind while im studying this fuckin P1 paper and ethics shit thus i do read some bit and pieces bout the business world. The conclusion is, greed serves the best to the world and there goes to recession and what what what.

But, is that all about the world? Lets not talk about things around the world. A simple example, would you stop at the zebra crossing between ikea and curve? Seriously i have seen people flew through the few bumps just to ignore others that were waiting at the side. And to be honest, i used to be like tat too. But not anymore. I truly think tats kind of a selfish act. I believe the same shit would happen in Spore if there were no law enforced to see who gets 'first' at the zebra crossing. Ya right, moral shit in primary and high school didn't really work aren't they? Of course there are still never ending examples for this topic.

I mean, shall we just do our best to change this world? Like at least hold the lift for your neighbour or let the elders to have seats in LRT or bus. Some little things do make a difference to the world. We all know racism and religious issues happen all around the world, tho this issue was kinda 'hot' here months ago. But what if, everyone just take a step back, look around, see is there any benefit of any kind if u are trying to do any shit, any speech or what not. Seriously, im definitely not being racist or any kind of discrimination or what shit. I still remember a phrase from my high school teacher, he said if there is something has more drawbacks than its benefits, just dont fuckin do it. Btw, actually he was referring to our smokers in school, and now imma smoker too. Fuck. Well, is tat part of life too?

I guess tats all for some piece of my mind. I cant really write much cos it has taken me hours to write this bit. But yea, finally another post with more words.

Im not a good writer, tats why im doing accounting.

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