January 31, 2010

self evaluation

it's time to evaluate wat happened for the past six months.

my life changed a lot after my 21st birthday. from a full time student. turned to full time employee in commercial company Averis. had my first failure in ACCA exam after few sittings. resigned from my position. back to full time student again. and now im studying in part time classes. for goodness sake. my life is getting bored. with no sense of direction. honestly speaking. i hate these life. tho my goal for now. is tat i must get my studies done by tis year. but still. the life im having right now is a total disaster. need to work it out as soon as possible. 'im gonna make a change, for once in my life' by MJ, man in the mirror.

of course. my personel life is pretty messed up as well. not to talk every shit in detail. but like i said. shit happens. that's life. it goes up and down. but i will never give up. fuck those shit and life goes on. i won't give a damn on my past. fuck it.

by the way. im looking forward to my next week's schedule. fully packed. hahaha. going to visit Elaine in Penang. my long lost friend. and my ex colleague Wan Zhi's birthday dinner. didn't get to meet up with them after i resigned for months. hahahaha.

life is still good~
keep it up u stupid learner.

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