January 30, 2010


my room is still a mess. well. simply because i don have time to clean it up. and the mess will remains until next week. gosh. i wan to stay at home.

last night was kinda freaked out. from the calculation of google map. i drove more than 160km in a night. from home. subang. bangsar. genting. subang. home. ya right. definitely more than tat. as a result. i woke up at 2.30 in the afternoon. life is still good~

for the first time in my life. my family and i watched movie together in cinema. kinda awkward. but lovely i would say. looking forward for the next movie with my family. sorry Xian. next time la. haha. still Avatar is awesome even i watched it for the second time. thumbs up.

recently i have downloaded some norah jones and santana's. jazz is my all time favourite. but i just couldn't resist the 'cha cha' from santana. i love Corazón Espinado and Oye Como Va. damn chilling man. how i wish i can play like him one day. hahaha..

im in the process of transforming myself to vampire. again. god bless me.

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