June 22, 2011


Alright, my Singapore trip.

Me and my bro Lip we nailed it man.

It was a so called drinking trip.

Namely Clarke Quay, Butter Factory and Beer Fest were the places we went to.

And of course some must go like Orchard and Sentosa, but nothing special tats it.

We did the calculation, i guess i tried like more than 15 types of beers in total for the whole trip?

On average of 4 types in a day?

Not a strong record but we had fun.

Wat can i ask for more.

Thanks to Lip, i got to know some great people around, which means more fun added to the trip.

So perhaps i shall conclude that Singapore is a nice place.

Well it really is, tats why i enjoyed it.

For now, i really have to do something productive, from tomorrow onwards.

I have been sampahing around from the day i finished my papers but not anymore.

Gonna do the fuckin right thing.

Sorry for all the poor quality photos.

I dont own a SLR, wat to do.

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  1. tak payah slr lah, iphone saka sudah okay waaaat! hahaa