April 26, 2011

The days

And so, my days are getting 'interesting' right now.

Thank goodness no more gloomy shit post anymore.

It's sort of a tiny change.

At least i sleep earlier woke up earlier and i wtf study virtually everyday.

Sounds good. Could be better i perhaps?

Btw i like the photo up there. Credits to my sis. It was taken from Krabi.

Ohh. I'm gonna attend my convo, MY CONVO wtf. hahahahahaha.

The best part of it, it's freeeeeeeeeee hahahaha wtf.

But, not so soon.

In August.

Last weekend was not bad.

Kind of a blast with a lil black spot on it, but was okay so yea.

Well i really dont know how to end tis post.

So, till then, cheerio.

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