April 20, 2011


This is the no. 100th post of my blog.

Yeaa great timing to crap some shit this time, awesome.

Alright, speaking of love. Yea i came across of so much bout this topic recently and these are my opinion that i wanna share about.

Perhaps i would say including me tho i have been single for year plus. But all the followings are purely my 2 cents. No offence to anyone i swear.

Okay, where should i start.

Ohh. A call from someone.

So one night i received a call from this someone and for obvious reasons she got some shit happened to her bout these kind of stuffs. Yea it was a her and u know, girls stuff.

Tat night i didnt want to say too much of shit bout it but u see, like wat i mentioned in the last post, shit happens all the time.

There is one question.

What is the definition of love?

I guess most of the people would say there is no explanation bout love.

Thanks to the bloody fuckin stupid misleading media posted some articles shit tat cause so many people lost themselves and some even fuckin ended their precious life just like tat.

To me, those are shit. The purest shit ever.

Here's my opinion about love.

I love my family. I love my friends. I love my studies. I love musics. I love my life. I love myself and i love everything in my life.

There are uncountable types of love exist in this world.

Of course boygirlfriends husband wife are one of them.

But here's the thing.

Some people got misunderstood the meaning of love and eventually they got themselves into fuckin miserable life they could ever imagine.

What is love?

Okay im giving my own opinion about the love between relationships.

Love is in other word, respect.

There is one survey in Facebook. Fuck Facebook. This survey is about what's the most important thing between relationship. And guess wats the most common answer we got from there, trust.

The word trust is so fragile. It's exactly like wat we study bout reputation in business. A business builds its reputation over years and one single event of shit could destroy everything of the company.

So to say, if u dont respect ur partner, how the hell are u going to trust him or her?

To me, respect is the only key to maintain a relationship. And respect is the roots of the word trust.

There is another thing. Love will never ever makes u fucked up.

If to say u love someone and tat someone fucked u up and caused the only thing u could see with ur eyes is shit. I can assure u, that is not love. At all. It nothing but shit.

Tats life.

I wouldn't say i had many experience about all these, well i really dont.

It's just my opinion.

Some say thats just because im single and tats why i cant see the things they see.


Still im happy enough to survive and i feel grateful of everything in my life right now.

I got my studies to catch up and i'll make sure nothing can stop me from tat.

Same goes to my goals.

Just wanna be a man, and do the fuckin right thing.

Damn how bout the ladies?

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