April 07, 2011


Okay lets be frank. We all did shit before. All of us did. And usually it happened without knowing that some shit could cause you serious trouble which eventually either cost money or losing someone you love, friends families boy girl friend.

Of course, I did shit before. Years ago, serious deep shit. One silly action of mine gave me an experience of employing my first ever lawyer to settle up shit. In other words everything was settled by money. But the real deal was that from there i understand one wrong move could cause an enormous trouble to my family and hurt people around me.

That shit did not worth a single penny.

And I learnt my lesson.

There was one question i came across during my class today. About the AAA model, dont know wat American wat wat, kind of an evaluation of actions whether or not it should be undertaken. 7 questions in total that u should ask yourself before u take an action. Im damn lazy to name all the questions but MAN, i was talking to myself like if the whole fuckin world ask the 7 questions every time they decide to do something. Seriously thats what we called world peace. But too bad the world could be too lazy like me to answer 7 stupid questions. Lets war then, like wats happening around right now.

Sometimes we made silly or idiotic or some fuckin painful mistakes. Pretty normal as this actually reveal that u are still a human. Even Steve Jobs made his dumbest decision of hiring the wrong person and got kicked out from Apple and now everyone thinks that he is some god like dude chilling around Silicon Valley. Should i say this is something like people learn from mistakes?

If i didnt, i could probably be dead by now.

Some say if u wan to be successful and wealthy, u must at least bankrupt once.

Bit of a hardcore way. Hopefully thats not going to happen to me.

Learn from mistakes, make rational decisions. Life could be better, isnt it?

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