January 07, 2011


Home sweet home.

The first thing i realized when i got out from the plane, the fuckin hot Msia weather, reminds me of, IM BACK! Oh dear.

That's an end of my 17 days HK trip, my best ever trip.

A trip that i,
understand load of thing about HK,
been to lots of places,
great views,
tonnes of eatings,
meet great people around the world,
and of course, shopping. HahahahahahaXD

Yea. It was absolutely unbelievable.
Tho there were some black spots throughout the trip, but what can i ask for more?

And perhaps, i would like to apologize and thank some guys that spent most of my time with me for the days in HK.

Kai Lee and Chee Han, im sorry if i said something stupid that for the days staying with u guys. Yea i was really stupid. But im grateful to have u guys to complete the wonderful trip. Thanks. I really appreciate it.

Su Ann, of course im damn fuckin happy to see u there. Tho we didnt mee for the last couple of days. And luckily u are still very Su Ann hahahahahahaha. I dono how to describe it, u know wat mean right=)

And most importantly, my brother. Need not to say much bout this. My vocab is too limited to explain everything. But thanks Xian. Anyways i'll see u soon so, hahahahahahaha.

I guess tats all i can say for now. Im back and, omg my BED! And ohh, my GUITAR hahahahahahahaha.

Good night.

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