January 02, 2011

FIrst day of the year

Today was absolutely speechless.

Woke up at 4. Online bath brush up snacks dinner KFC and ended the day with Counter Strike wtf. Yea i wasted the whole first day of 2011 in my bro's room. In fact i didnt even take the lift after i woke up till now. Unbelievable.

Last night was pretty cool. Out from hostel at 6.30pm and had claypot lamb for dinner. Cold weather with boiling hot soup and some Asahi. YEA. Then we bounced to Tsim Sha Tsui and waited 2 hours for the fuckin boring bland dull new year fireworks. Next was roaming around the clubs and pubs in TST. Some look exactly like those 'gu wak zai' club that we saw in movies. Everyone was in black and those chicks dressed like some kind of rap guys' girlfriend hahahhaha. I don reli know how to describe it but more or less it's the same ahahaha.

Next was at the party street LKF hahahahahahaaa. From the beginning of the street till the end, countless drunk asses walking and drinking like no tomorrow hahahahaha. The funniest part of the night was, 2 drunk foreign chicks spotted in Mcd's male toilet, and i was peeing tat time wtf hahahahaha. Me and my bro went literally LOL in the toilet hahahahaa. It's real fun looking at so many drunk asses on the street in a night. Non stop laughter seriously.

Then the rest was some congee at Mongkok and lastly bounced back to hostel. It was around 7 btw. The photo up there, the view from room's window in the morning.

Well i guess our initial plan for hiking tomorrow is screwed by the stupid fuckin addictive CS and Half Life wtf. We shall see and till then, cheerio.

OHH btw, happy new year! Best wishes to u guys=)

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